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Enjoy Championship Golf at Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rocks Golf Course, hidden among its tall Ponderosa Pines, is one of the great gems of Northern Arizona. Located in the small, quaint town of Williams, Arizona, Elephant Rocks displays the best essence, nature, and beauty of the unique Northern Arizona lifestlye.

Players have enjoyed golf at Elephant Rocks since the early 1920s when the original holes were carved out of the forest by the local railroad crews to help pass the time and suffice their golfing desires. Elephant Rocks received its name by way of the mysterious elephant shaped volcanic rocks near its entrance. Overtime the course has seen the eyes of the great Gary Panks to receive a few revision and a completley new 9 holes to complete the course as a champtionship 18 hole golf course.

Not all has changed. The original stone clubhouse has remained nearly untouched for the past 75 years and now houses a fully stocked golf-shop, bar, and restaurant to help in providing you with all your golfing desires. From the moment you arrive at the course, you know you are somewhere special.